All companies whether they are well-established or a new start-up, are facing the hiring challenge. As a company’s growth is followed by the need for extension of the IT department and the market needs more and more software apps, the demand for software developers remains high and continues to grow.

Of course, certain skills and expertise of developers are the main objects in search of appropriate candidates. But what comes after skills? Definitely, costs.

Everyone wants to find a perfect candidate with excellent technical skills for a favorable cost. But what do we actually mean by the word “cost”?


Outsourcing software development services and teams with open access to a wider technical pool of specialists possessing required skills and expertise is not a new idea. Developex is a team with 20 years of experience in software development. We are an efficient partner in both project-based outsourcing as well as creating and maintaining dedicated engineering teams for our clients.

The dedicated software development team provides a remote team of software developers (as well as any other type of specialists) that meet all requirements.

Services include:

- Recruiting services

- Administrative, legal and operational services

- Workplace arrangements and set up…

2021 Digital Healthcare Trends
2021 Digital Healthcare Trends

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for digital healthcare solutions around the world. Dr. Hans Kluge, Regional Director for WHO in Europe has said: “COVID-19 has given impetus for countries to accelerate the adoption of digital health.” In the WHO European Region, 30 out of 53 countries had implemented some sort of COVID-19 contact tracing mechanism.

Similar accounts have been presented by Dr. Paivi Sillanaukee, DG Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in Finland, and the Federal Ministry of Health, Germany. …

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.

Recognizing International Women’s Day, we’d like to share some of the motivational quotes of the women leaders who joined the all-digital CES 2021.

Corie Barry


The IoT segment, and wearable devices as an important part of it, now urgently needs to unify protocols and standards for communications. Today there are 10+ solutions that claim to be good solutions for the Internet of Things space. But Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is the most likely to remain as the de-facto standard for data transfer for wearable devices that aim to be energy efficient.
Wearable represents a large portion of the IoT sector. And even if IoT devices can use various protocols, wearable devices use BLE almost every time. …

Qt continues to wander. Now we want to tell you about the application of this framework for an extremely important industry, especially in 2021. It is the medical/healthcare sector as you might have guessed. It is completely amazing how this single framework can be used to create mobile games, complex desktop applications, and applications for the speed-critical automotive segment. And now it is possible also for the medical branch where every second and every touch can have critical importance. But it is a reality, and we want to share some cases where Qt has been used successfully for healthcare applications.

Today we live in a very dynamic and unpredictable world. As reality shows things can change really fast. And we are talking not only about COVID-19 but about the safety of our health at all. And in that case, we’re going to talk about an unusual application of Bluetooth Low Energy technology that protects lives. Honestly, there are a lot of reasons that make Bluetooth Smart ideal for healthcare.

Let us look at an example. It is about invasion prediction.

A cardiovascular patient had a tiny wearable device implanted somewhere into his body. At some moment the invasion started. The…

Consumer Electronics Show 2021
Consumer Electronics Show 2021

CES 2021 happened this year completely online.

The Consumer Electronics Show for this year was especially focused on technology that could connect people across the globe without physical contact. There were the usual announcements of the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the massive TVs from LG and Sony. However, aside from that, there were quite a few things to look forward to.

This year, technology related to healthcare and safety gained more prominence. It was hardly a surprise since the global pandemic has forced tech companies into action.

Razer introduced Project Hazel, a new smart face mask that combines UV sterilization…

Today’s article will be the last one from our cycle “How much it will cost — to hire a new software developer?”. We have already covered such topics as hiring and maintaining, and in the third part, we want to cover everything that is under employee turnover.

The reality shows that even the most successful and attractive employees from prospective companies have a certain percentage of staff turnover. As we’ve already mentioned, the IT industry is highly competitive and there is always a high demand for really skillful specialists so one wrong step and your developer is accepting someone else’s…

In our previous article, we found out how much you spend on the hiring process. Then if your hiring was successful, you’ve finally got a new developer in your team. Sounds great, but this is not the end of your costs on the developer. Maintaining a new developer requires costs as well and maybe even more than hiring. Let’s find out.

The most obvious cost is the basic salary of a developer. …


Developex — team of software professionals, with 20 years old history and large variety of software development and product development experience.

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